July 4, 2023

Dalia Stasevska announces her solo debut album 'Dalia’s Mixtape' for Platoon

This week, at Maida Vale studios, conductor Dalia Stasevska will record her debut album for Platoon - entitled Dalia’s Mixtape. The recording, featuring the BBC Symphony Orchestra, concerns the future of music - the way it sounds, the way we listen to it and the way we access it. The ten tracks of Dalia’s Mixtapewill present some of the freshest sounds in contemporary music and will be released one month at a time.

‘This is a fantastic time for classical music lovers,’ says the Finnish conductor. ‘The doors have been opened and new voices are pouring in. While we still have some way to go, classical music has never been broader or more diverse. Contemporary scenery has been flooded with influences from other genres.’

With Dalia’s Mixtape, Stasevska makes a clean break with tradition. ‘I notice myself that I’m listening to music in a completely new way,’ she says. ‘I’ve been inspired by different mixtapes and playlists and wanted to create music tailored to the way people listen to music now.’

The featured works of Dalia’s Mixtape include music by genre-bending composers Anna Meredith and Caroline Shaw, mesmerizing orchestral tapestries by Andrea Tarrodi and Noriko Koide and a miniature masterpiece by Judith Weir. Each track opens up its own world.

Taken together, the music will lead the listener on an unparalleled journey in orchestral sound. ‘Music is adventure and there are no rules that must be followed,’ says Stasevska. ‘Why stick only to what we’ve been doing for decades? It is also important to explore - and see where the journey takes us.’

The first track from Dalia’s Mixtape is scheduled for release in March 2024.

For further information please contact philippa@platoon.ai